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Susie Ross
Susie Ross


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Your wait staff is the face of your business.
They represent everything your customers perceive -
good, bad and indifferent.
What do you want them to see?

Restaurant training manuals and DVDs will support and maintain your training program.

A guest's impression of your restaurant is entirely in the
hands of your wait staff.

Your guests expect outstanding customer service.

Give it to them

with professional wait staff training.

This months newsletterThis Month's Waiter Training Newsletter:

It's much easier to sell something you know than to just stumble through it.  You might even have less turnover when your staff feels smarter and better able to sell your menu.  People want to feel valued and valuable in their jobs; restaurant servers are no different than other workers.

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Tip of the monthWaiter's Tip of the Month:

Servers should also be able to go to the kitchen and ask questions before or after closing or when the restaurant is slow.  The internet is also a great way to learn about food and wine.  Servers, take some initiative and learn your menu because you know it will make you better.

TestimonialsWhat are People Saying? (testimonials):

"Susie has done an outstanding job of training our frontline staff.  She is engaging, talented at teaching and a great professional..."
Kristofer Fair
                                                    General Manager, The Ace Club
                                                    Philadelphia, PA


"I thought this was going to be a boring lecture; instead, I had fun and I learned some new stuff!  And it works!"
                                                    -Mike M.
                                                     Server, Caps on the Water
                                                     St. Augustine, FL

"I always believe you can learn something new and I did.  The added bonus was that it was fun."
                                                    -Christine L.
                                                     Server, Bravo!
                                                     Taos, NM

TestimonialsWhere in the World is Waiter Training?

Philadelphia, PA              March, 2012

Restaurant training books and manualsWaiter Training Book and Restaurant Training Manuals:

(These are e-book prices; for hard copy prices, go to the pricing page)

A Waiter's Training - Only $11.95
Host Manual - Only $34.95
Servers Manual - Only $55.95
Bus People Manual - Only $34.95
Manual Package - Only $111.95

A Waiters training Book Server Manual Host Manual Busser Manual

with on-site training
A $159.95 value (This does not include the book, "A Waiter's Training")
More Training Information

Not sure if you should invest in wait staff training? Check this out...

Startling facts regarding the reasons businesses lose customers:

Customer dies - 1%
Moved away - 3%
Influenced by friends - 5%
Lured away by the competition - 9%
Dissatisfied with product - 14%
Turned away by an attitude of indifference on the part of an employee - 68%

Source: THE PRYOR REPORT, Vol. 10, No. 4a

Can you afford not to professionally train your wait staff?

On a Different Note...

In an effort to reverse the effect that CO2 is having on our environment,
Waiter Training is proud to support the efforts of the United Nations
Environment Program
/ Green Belt Movement in their efforts to restore the planet.
Please plant a tree or give your financial support by following the link below.

One Billion Trees
In one year, an average tree inhales 26 pounds of CO2
and exhales enough oxygen for a family of four for a year.


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